CAP437 Compliant Weather Station

In September 1981 the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) issued Civil Aviation Publication 437 (CAP437). The publication entitled ‘Helicopter Landing Areas – Guidance on Standards’ details criteria such as Helicopter landing area Physical Characteristics, Visual Aids, Helideck rescue and Fire Fighting aids, Helicopter Fuelling facilities and Helicopter winching facilities to name but a few.  Within Chapter 6 ‘Helicopter Landing areas – Miscellaneous Operational Standards’  and Annex G, lie the regulations detailing ‘Helideck movement’ and ‘Meteorological Information’. Greater emphasis has been placed on the Meteorological aspects of CAP437 due to events involving weather related incidents in both the Irish and North Sea which has resulted in the latest revision of the CAP  issued in April 2010. Muir Matheson have manufactured weather monitoring systems for over 25 years and as a leader in the industry we are pleased to offer customers a fully compliant CAP437 weather station. With weather stations located all over the world and tested

to destruction in the North Sea Muir Matheson offer reliable, compliant systems with suitable certificates and documented maintenance procedures to maintain a safety critical system in full working order and satisfy the most stringent of inspections by the Helideck Certification Agency.

Here is CAP437 from the CAA

In May 2012 CAP437 was updated to include the CAA’s recommendation to include manual sensors to be used on offshore platforms as a contingency in case of the failure or unavailability of the automated sensors. The meteorological observations stated are air and dew point temperatures, wind speed and direction and pressure. Muir Matheson can provide a set of CAP437 compliant hand held sensors which cover the entire meteorological requirements as stipulated above.



Safe landing of Helicopters according to CAP437


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