Oil Spill Detection by Radar and Thermal Imaging


Muir Matheson can now offer an Oil Spill Detection package. The system is designed and built by our owners Miros and details of the system can be found below.


Minimizing damage and cost from oil spills require systems and procedures to be present when the incident occurs. The Miros OSD™ System offers key functionality for oil spill detection for oil spill surveillance and oil recovery.


Miros offers a radar based OSD solution, which is thoroughly tested in oil-on-water exercises since 2004. Miros OSD™ has successfully guided response operations in real oil spill incidents, and has a rapidly growing customer base around the world.


The radar based system has fully automated detection, giving oil spill position, tracking and measurement of drift. Miros OSD™ can operate in nearly all visibility conditions on a 24 hour basis, and has become an essential tool for navigating the recovery vessel and boom efficiently towards the oil slick.


Using thermal (IR) imaging, identification of the thickest part of the oil slick becomes available. This contributes when estimating the magnitude of the spill and enables targeting the response effort to the part of the slick where the majority of oil is found.


A brochure containing further information can found on the following link:

Oil Spill Detection Brochure



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