DONG Hejre

The Herje wellhead and processing platform is the largest oil and gas project in the Danish Sector of the North Sea. Muir Matheson has provided a Meteorological Monitoring System suited for a hazardous environment. The system is fully CAP437 compliant and includes wave radars to measure sea state conditions.

Meteorological Monitoring System in Build Stage

Meteorological Monitoring System in Build Stage

Nordsee Ost – Offshore Wind Farm

Muir Matheson has provided Wave Monitoring systems for the Nordsee OST offshore wind farm which is situated around 30 kilometres to the north-east of the island of Helgoland in the German North Sea region. With 48 multi-megawatt wind turbines sea state monitoring is critical not just for the installation of new turbines but also for the optimum planning of maintenance work.

CNR International – Ninian North, Ninian South and Ninian Central Platforms

Following the successful upgrade completed by Muir Matheson on the Tiffany Platform in 2011, Muir Matheson are providing fully compliant CAP437 systems for the Ninian Platforms in the Northern North Sea around 386 km north-northeast of Aberdeen.

ConocoPhillips – Loggs, Murdoch & Viking Platforms

Muir Matheson has recently delivered several systems to comply with the recent CAP437 Regulation update in the North Sea. Fully CAP437 compliant systems were delivered on time at each site. Each platform has also taken advantage of our web-based data display site

Rowan Companies – Gorilla V, VI, VII & Viking

Muir Matheson has successfully completed the build of four systems. These bespoke systems included Muir Matheson new wireless ATEX wind speed and direction sensors. This has allowed the wind sensors to be placed at the top of each drilling derrick without the implications of running costly field cables on long cable runs.

AGIP KCO. – Caspian Data Display Network

Development of a network of weather stations for the North Caspian Sea area and responsibility for marine and aviation weather forecasting for offshore operations.

Amplus Pte – Bongkot Platform

Muir Matheson has built, installed and commissioned a complete weather monitoring system. The Bongkot gas and condensate field, the largest in Thailand, is located in the Gulf of Siam, 600 km south of Bangkok.

BHP Billiton – Irish Sea Assets

Muir Matheson has delivered CAP437 compliant systems on the Irish Sea Pioneer, Hamilton North, Hamilton, Lennox, OSI and douglas platforms.

Perenco UK – Southern North Sea Assets

The Excalibur, Trent, Leaman 49/27A, Thames and Inde Platforms have all undergone a complete weather system upgrade.

Total E & P UK – North Sea Assets

Total awarded the Elgin, North Alwyn and Dunbar CAP437 platform upgrades to Muir Matheson.

Alcatel – South Pars

Muir Matheson have provided systems for the South Pars 6, 7 and 8 Projects off the coast of Iran.

CNR International – Tiffany Platform

The Tiffany Platform underwent a comprehensive upgrade to the weather system following the CAP437 regulations. The upgrade included the addition of a cloud sensor and a present weather and visibility sensor.

Premier Oil – Balmoral Platform

Muir Matheson is currently upgrading an existing weather monitoring system on the Balmoral platform to a fully compliant CAP437 system.  The upgrade includes the addition of a Cloud sensor, Visibilty and Present Weather sensor, Motion sensor and Barometric pressure sensor. The sensors all feed information into Muir Matheson PACE software which provides the user with an easy to use navigable display that presents all of the met information required to generate a met report.

Exxon Mobil – Zafiro Producer

Proving our international reputation as a prime supplier of weather monitoring systems Muir Matheson has recently provided a complete weather monitoring system for Exxon Mobil.  The Zafiro Producer is an FPSO situated off the coast of Equatorial Guinea which required a weather monitoring system, as the preferred supplier Muir Matheson have provided a system that includes Wind Speed and Direction, Barometric Pressure, Temperature Humidity and Dewpoint, Industrial PC and PACE software to display the data.


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