Muir Matheson has developed a suite of online software that can deliver standard or bespoke online data viewing and reporting. Based on open source technology the software can be scaled to meet the smallest in house data display systems or the largest international data networks.

The protocol adopted is robust enough to satisfy the most stringent IT security requirements yet convenient enough to enable data to get to shore in a timely manner.

Particular attention has been taken to minimising bandwidth usage making it a natural choice for remote oil and gas installations on satellite comms. Muir Matheson’s own Safe-Exchange interface provides airports with an approved method of getting data from the Met system to be broadcast internally or externally as they see fit. Bespoke browser interfaces can be created for most Weather related applications.

Benefits are as follows:

  • Data can be shared to a wider audience
  • Historical data can be gathered and analysed
  • A simple, safe & low bandwidth protocol ensures high up time.

For access to our portal on North Sea weather click here (password required)


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