At Muir Matheson we recognise that not every airport needs the complete suite of functionality offered by Metcom and a full AWOS.  Thanks to the input of some of our smaller clients, our software development team have put together Mini-Metcom, a streamlined, more compact software product that is perfect for small operating aerodromes.  It lies at the heart of the Muir Matheson Simple Met system that meets all of the requirements of ICAO, the WMO , CAP670 and CAP 746 but at a much reduced cost.

Typically a Simple Met system can be offered with a significant saving against AWOS, yet it will still interface with the family of Muir Matheson Software packages to provide full operational capability.

The Mini-Metcom software will accept the following parameters automatically:

  • Wind speed + direction (Mechanical or Ultrasonic)
  • Air Temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Derived Dewpoint

 The following information may also be entered manually for production of METARs or other observations:

  • Present Weather
  • Visibility (MOR)
  • Runway Visual Range (RVR)
  • Cloud base
  • Met ATIS remarks

 As well as providing meteorological data reports and its own inherent AFTN interface, the Simple Met system can be integrated with AFCOM, ATCOM and AutoBrief to provide your aerodrome with the complete family of Muir Matheson software and enable you to control your air traffic operations with confidence.


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